Crypto gambling betting story: we made x2 in TRX.

Hey, all crypto gambling lovers. We restarted our betting journey with TRX.

We did again – we made x2 in betting. And crypto coins did it again – failing, so it is important for us to play and win some coins to cover our Loss.

We made x2 in TRX during these 2 days without stress… We had 500 TRX before our bets and have 1000 TRX.

We bet on Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal, we bet on Chelsea’s first goal, we bet on Ac Milan’s first goal, usually we play a lot on La liga and Spanish football but during this week we tried to ignore it because we had a lot of fails in the beginning of the season, but seems like it is time to back and bet some money on spanish clubs.

So… The main rule of this week: bet on legends and don’t waste your time on other matches.

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