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Christmas is coming and released new Crypto gambling offers! πŸŽ„

We’ve got Christmas plans that are bigger than anything we’ve done before on Stake, and we’re less than a few weeks away from taking December all the way to the moon!

You know we don’t like to give things away, but we can’t hold this in!

25x Days of Christmas πŸŽ„
Promotions, Races, Giveaways, Bonuses and MORE! πŸ’°
December 1 – December 25 πŸ“…
Begins in less than three weeks πŸ‘Œ
More info coming soon! πŸ”œ
Use your monthly bonus to gear up for 25 big days! ❀️
Your Monthly Bonus
Monthly Bonus πŸ’°
Reloads πŸš€
Five days of bonuses πŸ–
VIP section of your account πŸ‘‘

Want more information? Click here to view an article on Monthly Bonuses – it should answer any questions or queries you have! Be sure to check your email closer to December for some more nice perks, just like this! πŸ˜‰

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