🥳 Big winners this week with Free To Play Games Crypto Betting

We’re just here to let you know the lucky winners of the last week’s Free To Play Games have received their prizes, and that we take great pleasure in providing fun, fast and fair entertainment for you.

So it’s only fair we offer you a reminder that these prizes were won WITHOUT entry fees and you too can also win huge cash prizes and Free Bets without paying any entry fee.
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Keep an eye out for this coming week’s contests – you don’t want to miss out again!

Here’s how they work:

  • 3 – 4 – FREE:
  • Playing a 4-3-Free is essentially the same as placing a BetBuilder Bet, but FREE.
  • Submit your answers to four questions correctly and get a $50 Free Bet in Bitcoin.
  • Three correct answers will get you a $10 Free Bet in Bitcoin.
  • BET FREE – 6 – 6:
  • Don’t forget to try for the big one with our other FREE game offer of Bet Free-6-6!
  • Submit six Correct Scores and win $100,000 worth of Bitcoin.
  • If you just miss out, you can still earn $10 Free Bet in Bitcoin.